Are Dog Nail Grinders Better Than Clippers

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Dogs are widely considered to be man’s best friend. There is no doubt that these furry creatures can provide a strong sense of companionship and the sort of fierce loyalty that most humans simply are not capable of displaying. As such, the average household is likely to have been home to one of these canine companions at some point or another.

It is not difficult to understand the appeal of dogs based on the traits we have mentioned, and it comes as no surprise that dog owners – for the most part and on the whole – treat these lovable creatures with the respect and adoration that they deserve.

Of course, owning a dog and looking after it are not mutually exclusive, and it is very easy to overlook some crucial components of pet care. Beyond simply providing food and shelter for your furry friend, there is a whole lot more to consider; most notably, the process of regularly cleaning and grooming the little fellow. At some point, you are going to have to give your dog’s hair and nails trim, but which is the best tool for the job: grinders or clippers? Let us take a look.

Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

Clippers are fairly commonplace in dog grooming kits and salons all over the world, and there is no doubt that they can deliver some stellar results when used properly. The most commonly used form of clippers is the guillotine clipper, which features a round hole (within which your dog’s nails can fit perfectly) with a blade that crosses its breadth, producing a clean, even cut at a steady rate. Unfortunately, they are not effective at trimming large, thick nails which require considerably more force to cut down upon.

Scissor clippers (which more or less resemble your average pair of scissors) can give you much more control than guillotine clippers and are able to trim tougher nails at an admittedly slower rate. Using these clippers requires a steady hand to avoid the quick of the nail. For optimal results, a smaller pair of scissors works best.

Whichever form of clippers you decide to use, you will need to be prepared for what is usually a very slow, time-consuming process. You should not try to rush this process – doing so could easily lead to a painful experience for your dog and you will not be able to guarantee that the nails have been properly trimmed.

close up of cutting dog nail with a nail clipper

Grinding Your Dog’s Nails

Nail grinders are not as commonly used as clippers, but many dog owners and groomers have testified to their efficacy and efficiency as a form of nail trimming. Additionally, grinders are a lot less invasive than clippers and many dogs are, as a result, far more relaxed around them, allowing for a much easier process.

Of course, grinders are just as involved as clippers and require much more setup in order to be used. It can also be much slower than clipping but provides a much smoother finish to the nail overall. It is also much easier to avoid the quick of the nail when using a grinding tool.

Some dogs do not like the sensation of the grinder and the vibrations it produces. Of course, you will have to experiment to know whether or not your dog will be able to handle it. Moreover, grinding tools heat up after long periods of use, which is unavoidable due to how slow and involved the process is. You will need to regularly switch off your grinder to allow it to cool down before you continue.

Additionally, grinding tools are best used in tandem with scissors to trim any excess fur near the nail. You will have to ensure that you do not accidentally catch any stray hairs with the grinder, which can be extremely painful for your dog and potentially traumatize it for life.

Which is Better?

There is no definitive answer as to which nail-trimming tool will best suit your needs, as well as the needs of your dog. Both can prove to be invasive and uncomfortable, and it may come down to which one is the least discomforting for your furry friend to endure. On the whole, many people say that grinders are more comfortable for dogs, though some may not enjoy the vibrations it produces while in use.

The only way to determine which tool will be better for your dog is to try both of them. It is likely that no matter which one you choose, your dog will still be uncomfortable the first couple of times you trim their nails. If you stick with one method, however, they will eventually become accustomed to the experience and be much more obedient.

Final Thoughts

Both clippers and grinders have their fair share of pros and cons. Unfortunately, your dog will probably be uncomfortable the first time you trim their nails anyway. Do not avoid this task, however. As sad as it may be to see your furry friend in distress, it is important that they get used to it. In the end, both you and your dog will be all the happier for it.

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