Best Dog Brushes for Shedding

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Almost every dog will shed at some point during the year. That means any dog owner wants to invest in a high-quality dog brush specifically geared towards shedding. Of course, this will depend on the dog owners and the breed of dog they own, but with that being said, there are still many choices to go through.

Dog owners want to ensure that they find the right fit for their pup and ensure safety and security. So we have gathered together some of the best dog brushes for shedding and will take an in-depth look at each of them below. Without further ado, let’s see what these brushes have on offer for you and your furry friend.

Comparison Chart

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Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush – Double Sided Shedding and Dematting Undercoat Rake Comb for Dogs and Cats,Extra Wide,Blue
41I7LKs6eDL. SL500
Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding by Up to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs and Cats (Blue)
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Self cleaning Slicker Brush, shedding and grooming tool for pets, remove loose hair, Fur, Undercoat, Mats, Tangled Hair, knots for large medium small sensitive long or short hair dogs, cats, rabbit
51HzKFYAzuL. SL500
Aumuca Dog Brush for Shedding, Dog Hair Brush Slicker Brush for Dogs/Cats, Dog Brush for Long or Short Haired Dogs, Pet Cat Dog Grooming Brush (Green)
41OifMgKaCL. SL500
GM Pets™ Self Cleaning Grooming Brush | This is The Best Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding and Grooming | Our Pet Brushes Are Suitable for All Hair Lengths (Original)

Dog Brush Reviews

Maxpower Planet Grooming Brush

41CQHLGplUL. SL500

The first dog brush on the list is crafted with a high-performance design that allows for improved grooming capabilities, no matter how much fur your pup has.


The brush was crafted with a dual-sided design. One side contains nine teeth which are perfect for mats and tangles. On the other side, the brush is completed with 17 teeth which is the side that makes this a great option for de-shedding. Each of those teeth is sharpened but with a rounded fine-tooth design. The brush’s actual use is made easier thanks to the lightweight materials and the nonslip rubber handle.

The brush’s multiple sides offer versatility, making grooming a pup easier, especially when de-shedding them. It’s vitally important for dogs to be free of any excess hair so that they can feel comfortable. On top of that, the teeth design with the fine rounded points allows for better handling of the undercoat mats and gives it a glide ability through the hair. When it comes to the use, it is comfortable thanks to the nonslip lightweight handle.

That being said, a few issues must be discussed before making any final decision. Some dog owners believe it tends to remove too much hair, which could cause other issues. Also, if not careful because of the fine tip teeth, the dog owner might see a little discomfort in their pup’s eyes.


  • Designed with multiple sides for more versatility of performance
  • Crafted with a nonslip, lightweight handle for easier use
  • Capable of handling undercoats and mats with no problem
  • Glides easily through the hair for improved comfort for the pup


  • Some find it removes too much hair
  • Issues with discomfort for the dogs if not used properly

Pet Neat Deshedding Tool

41I7LKs6eDL. SL500

If a dog owner is looking for a tool to remove most of the dead hair and tangles, then this next model is a great option. This uniquely designed dog brush is chock full of wonderful design features that elevate its performance. 


This column is crafted to promote the effortless grooming of one pet. It is designed with a 100-millimeter stainless steel blade with a protective covering for additional safety. Attached to that is a handle made with premium-grade plastic that is not only easy and comfortable to hold but sturdy. Everything about the materials used in this dog grooming tool is designed to extend the life and make the dog’s life easier.

The use of durable stainless steel in the comb creates longer usability for the tool. It also makes it able to stand up to difficult tangles and mats rather easily. The comb also can be detached from the durable plastic handle so that any dog owner can easily ensure it stays clean for the next use. Its handle is designed with an easy grip for improved usability by the dog owner while grooming their pet. With all these features combined, this brush is a great investment for almost any dog owner.

Many dog owners, though, opt out of investing in this brush because the brush itself only comes in one size. That means it may not be a great choice for dog owners dealing with larger pets or even dogs with double coats. Along with that, the length of the tines in the comb is a little short, which is also not a great choice for those dogs with thicker coats.


  • Crafted utilizing durable stainless steel for a longer lifecycle
  • Designed with a detachable comb head for improved cleaning
  • Easy grip handle that gives the dog owner a comfortable usability
  • Price versus value outweighs many of its competitors


  • The brush is only available in one size
  • When dealing with double-coated dogs, the teeth may be a little too short

WOPQAEM Pet Grooming Tool

41W+fMWNLnL. SL500

There may be some dog owners out there that have challenging times removing the fur from the brushes after grooming their pet. This slicker brush-styled de-shedding tool is designed with a mechanism to help make cleaning much easier.


With its ergonomic design, this brush is very user-friendly. Crafted with bristles that are intended to remove up to 95% of the loose hair from any dog owner’s pup, it is also crafted with an easy cleaning system. This system has a button-style mechanism that causes the pins to drop into the unit itself. Crafted with durable materials, the dog owner will be able to use this for many years to come.

Dog owners can take advantage of a wealth of positive benefits. The design of the teeth is intended to allow for better gripping of the hair and removal for a more comfortable feel for the pup. Protective balls are at the end of these bristles, which also heightens the comfort of using them on the dog’s skin.

For the owner, the handle is designed to be super comfortable to use, even if it takes hours to groom one pet. The bed of the bristles itself is designed to help trap the hair easier; that way, there’s less loose hair floating around one’s home.

Even with all those amazing features, there are a few issues that some have found with this dog brush. Though immensely helpful in making cleaning easier, the mechanism is quite tricky to use sometimes. Along with this, hair has been known to be captured within the plastic parts of the brush.


  • Teeth used in the construction of the brush grab hair easily, removing it without much work
  • Designed with protective balls at the end of the bristles for improved safety
  • The handle is comfortable to use for extended periods of time
  • Crafted to trap the hair with ease so that none is left floating around the home


  • Some have found it difficult to remove the hair and have to push the button quite hard
  • Issues with hair being left behind stuck in the plastic

Aumuca Dog Brush

51HzKFYAzuL. SL500

This dog brush is a great option for dog owners looking for a cost-effective and gentle tool to use on their pups. It is crafted with a lot of care and thought put into the design, making it great for pups whether they have thin hair, thick hair, or even curly hair. 


This dog brush is crafted with metal pins that are perfect for both medium and long-haired dogs. Each metal pin is topped with a rubber tip to ensure safety and comfort when using this brush, even if the dog has sensitive skin. To make it easy to clean, it is crafted with a one-click cleaning button that detracts the needles so that the first is easier to pull away. The stainless steel bristles are 1.2 times as thick as other bristles and are designed at a 150° bent angle for deeper penetration into the fur.

The best thing about this brush is that it is designed specifically with bristles that are perfect for removing even a short-haired dog’s fine fur. The brush is crafted with premium-grade stainless steel bristles and plastics so that it is durable and able to stand up to just about anything dog owners can throw at it.

In order to ensure that the pups are OK and not injured in any way, the rubber caps in the bristles help prevent damage and irritation. It is also crafted with a silicone loop that allows for easier storage to ensure the dog owner’s home always stays nice and tidy.

Though the self-cleaning system is an amazing addition, the button is often stiff at first. After some use, it will loosen up and become easier to handle. Speaking of handling things, the handle itself is another issue that many dog owners have with this brush. It is a long handle and may be uncomfortable for some to use.


  • The brushed teeth are perfect for the removal of small dog’s hair
  • Long-lasting brush crafted with premium-grade stainless steel bristles
  • Designed with rubber caps on bristles for reduced risk of skin irritation and damage
  • It comes with a silicone loop attached for better storage capability


  • Some find that the cleaning button is very stiff and difficult to use
  • Issues with the length of the handle affect some people’s view on the comfortability of use

GM Pets Self-Cleaning Brush

41OifMgKaCL. SL500

The last grooming brush on the list is one that is designed to be versatile and usable on a wide range of dog hair types. Coming in multiple different sizes, it is an easy investment and one that many dog owners would not regret making.


This self-cleaning brush is designed in multiple shapes and sizes to ensure that it glides and works well with all types of hair and issues like tangles and undercoats. The unit is crafted with a click button that helps with the cleaning process. On top of this, the dog brush is finished with a soft anti-slip grip that is designed to be ergonomic. Along with the grip and the comfortable materials used, it is also designed with the thumb rest for even more comfort.

Because of its unique design, this brush can be used on dogs with both thin and medium-thick hair. The overall design is crafted to grab as much hair as possible to ensure a healthier coat for a four-legged friend. On top of that, the design of the click button cleaning system makes it really easy to keep the bristles clear for improved usability. That, coupled with the fact that it is designed with a wider surface, makes this a more efficient and thorough option for many dog owners.

But just because it has a design that benefits many different dog owners doesn’t mean it’s right for everybody. Some dog owners have felt that the length of the bristles is not conducive to use with thicker furred pups. They are shorter and therefore cannot get all the way down to the undercoat level. Along with this, the handle, though comfortable to use, has had some issues with durability. Many have found that it breaks rather easily after not as much use as one would like.


  • Easily moves through a wide range of fur for improved removal of loose hair
  • Click button design makes it’s easy to remove the hair from the bristles
  • Designed with a soft and anti-slip grip for better handling
  • Crafted with a wider surface area for a more thorough and quicker grooming process


  • Some have found that the length of the bristles makes it a bad choice for dogs with thicker fur
  • Issues with the durability of the handle and many have found it breaks easy

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Final Thoughts

Making sure that one’s four-legged friend’s fur coat is as healthy as possible means making sure to remove any hair that is shed during the season. To do this, they must have a high-quality dog brush specifically designed for shedding. Typically this means looking for brushes that have a good bristle length and other features like easy cleaning systems.

There are a lot of options out there which is why we thought a list like this one would be helpful for dog owners. We’ve taken a look at some very good options and hope that the list above has helped dog owners make the right decision for themselves and their pups.

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