Best Dog Clippers for Poodles of 2022: Top Five Picks

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It is very important to groom your dog, not only for appearance but for health and comfort as well. Keeping your pooch’s hair clean and under control helps to keep them protected. It also prevents a long list of problems. Ideally, you need to trim your poodle’s coat every 6 weeks.

Having the right tool is essential. There are many clippers to choose from, and we’ll be looking at some of the best options available. If you want the most efficient option for your poodle, keep reading. We are going to take a look at the best dog clippers for poodles (and other dogs you may have at home).

Best Dog Clippers for Poodles Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Andis ProClip AG2 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal Grooming, AG-2,Black (22215)
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Ceenwes Pet Clippers (Upgrade Version) Low Noise Professional Dog Clippers Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clipper Trimmers Pet Hair Grooming Kit for Cats Dogs and Other Animals
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WAHL Lithium Ion Deluxe Pro Series Rechargeable Pet Clipper Grooming Kit with Low Noise & Heavy Duty Motor for Cordless Electric Trimming & Shaving Dogs – Model 9591-2100
51KFe6hMvdL. SL500
Pet Clippers Professional Dog Grooming kit Adjustable Low Noise High Power Rechargeable Cordless Pet Grooming Tools , Hair Trimmers for Dogs and Cats, Washable(IPX5), with LED Display.
Dog Clippers Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper 3-Speed Low Noise High Power Rechargeable Cordless Pet Grooming Tools for Small & Large Dogs Cats Pets with Thick & Heavy Coats

Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

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This clipper is recommended for full-body grooming. It is lightweight and easy to use, but still strong and durable. The design is compact and attractive, as well. Using the clippers to groom your poodle’s entire body isn’t as tiring as it would be with a heavy product.


The clipper is fitted with a high-speed motor that is as fast as it promises to be. It doesn’t make a lot of noise like many of its counterparts. Noisy clippers can upset dogs, so a quiet product is ideal.

You get a long cord with the Andis, so it’s convenient to use wherever you can plug it in. Also, this allows for better maneuverability so you can cut the dog’s hair with ease.

You can switch between blades and get the perfect length you desire for your poodle.

The clipper is compatible with Ceramic-Edge blades if you’d rather use them. But you’ll have to buy those separately as the Andis comes with an ultra-Edge blade. The blades are detachable but can sometimes prove tricky to remove. A screwdriver might be useful.

Accidents happen, so it’s useful that the clipper comes with break-resistant housing. This means if you accidentally drop the product, it won’t just shatter and be useless.

The clipper can be used to groom the hair of all kinds of dogs, not just poodles. If your poodle has thicker hair than you expected, you’ll still be able to use the Andis with no problems.

Keep in mind that the clipper can run a little hot when used for long periods. It’s advised that you take breaks if you’re doing your pooch’s full body.

For poodle owners looking for a versatile and durable clipper, this could be just what they need. The blades won’t dull overnight, and keeping it clean is not at all complicated.

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  • Blade remains sharp after continuous use
  • Operation of the clipper is quiet and efficient
  • Comes with detachable blades that can be removed and cleaned
  • Maintenance is easy and non-problematic


  • Could run a little hotter than expected
  • Blade hinges could prove problematic

Ceenwes Dog Clippers

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Although Ceenwes isn’t as well-known a product, it is still a trusted and reliable one. When you buy this clipper, you will get everything included that you need to maintain it for years.

The Ceenwes boasts with being suitable for most hair types, so you’ll be able to groom your poodle without any hassles. Unless you’ve got a fussy dog by nature, but that’s got nothing to do with the trimmer, of course.


This clipper comes with a set of adjustable blades in different sizes – 0.8mm, 1.1mm,1.4mm, 1.7mm, and 2.0mm. This will help you get the kind of shaves that you want. You can even have different hair lengths over your poodle’s body, as some owners like to do.

The Ceenwes’ ceramic and stainless steel blades are quite unique, and this helps to prevent too much heat. Heat build-up is reduced, and that means sharpness is also enhanced.

It is recommended that you first trim the dog’s hair before jumping in with the clippers, though. It would make things much easier.

Because the clipper operates so quietly, the dog that’s getting groomed won’t be frightened or scared. It also has a low vibration to make using it for prolonged periods much more tolerable.

A nifty addition to this product is that it comes with an LED screen that indicates power. This way, you’ll know if the battery is running low and needs to be recharged. Charging takes about 3 hours, and the battery should last for at least 4 hours when fully charged.

It should be noted that the on/off switch of this clipper can be problematic, and switching off could be a hassle. This could be blamed on a factory fault.

The clipper has a cordless design so you won’t be hampered by a cord getting in the way as you groom.

If your poodle has very thick hair, this product might not be quite the right thing. It doesn’t work as well with very long and thick coats.

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  • Offers smooth and quiet operation
  • Cordless design for easier use
  • Blades are very sharp


  • On/off switch can be faulty
  • Not as suitable for very thick hair

Wahl Deluxe Pro Series

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With this clipper, you can choose to go corded or completely cordless. It is ideally suited for poodles with fine to medium-thick hair. It might not be the best thing for those poodles with very long and thick fur.


The clipper has a convenient and handy LED light that will let you know if the battery level is low. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, you can just plug it in and wait a bit before using the Wahl again.

Charging will take about 1 hour, and you’ll get 45 minutes of operation – this should be long enough to get your poodle groomed.

For peace of mind, you get a 5-year limited warranty with this product upon purchase. The blade included in the Wahl Deluxe Pro Series is self-sharpening, so you can expect to use it for many years.

You get with the clipper all the tools you need to maintain it – oil cleaning, blade guard, brush, and recharging unit.

You should keep in mind that the clipper doesn’t come with a Lithium-Ion battery, as many other products do.

This is an affordable product that is ideal for poodle owners who find themselves on a budget. The speed of the clipper isn’t adjustable, and that could be a downer for some people.


  • Very affordable clipper
  • Blade is self-sharpening
  • Can be corded or cordless
  • Features an LED power-indication light


  • Not suited for animals with thick hair
  • Only offers one speed

GTS Dog Clippers Cordless Grooming Clippers Kit

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This clipper is one of the more versatile options you will find on the market. It is suited for both dog and cat coats. For a quick and easy grooming experience, the GTS comes highly recommended.


The blades of this clipper are very sharp and precise and will result in excellent grooming every time. The operation is very smooth and also very quiet, making it ideal for pets that scare easy.

Included in your purchase, you will find all the grooming tools you need – 10 of them in total. This means you won’t have to make additional purchases to keep your dog’s fur in tip-top shape.

One thing that stands out about this set is that it really offers a lot when it comes to accessories. You will be pleased with all the included bits and pieces. The nail file, scissor clippers, charging station, versatile comb, and nail clippers will help you groom on a professional level. You also have different guards included in the kit.

You get 4 combs in different sizes so you can adjust and match them to your specific needs. The GTS promises a superior grooming experience from its 3.7V rotating motor.

You can adjust the speed of the clipper as well with a nifty Turbo button. If you need a clipper that is low on vibration and operates quietly, you’ll get that from this product.

The Titanium and Ceramic blades are adjustable and range in sizes from 0.8mm to 2.0mm, so you will get the kind of shave you desire for your pooch.

The LCD screen indicates the battery level so you won’t be taken by surprise if the battery is getting low.

One of the only drawbacks of this clipper is that it might not last for many years. It is effective and useful but not made from the best materials. Also, it isn’t truly suitable for animals with very thick or matted hair.

41YWQnvuY1S. SL500


  • LCD screen indicates battery level
  • Ideal for quick grooming needs
  • Low vibration and low noise level
  • Has a useful Turbo button to adjust speed


  • Not suitable for thick coats
  • Product might not last for many years

HOLDOG Professional Rechargeable Pet Clipper

This clipper is designed with convenience in mind as well as safety. It is very easy and comfortable for pooch owners to use and safe for pets. It is made from high-quality stainless steel to last longer. This clipper wasn’t made to be used once and then be replaced.


The HOLDOG clipper comes in a professional kit that consists of 9 pieces for a do-it-all approach. There are various combs in different sizes, shears, thinning scissors, nail clippers, and more. All of the products are made from high-quality materials.

You get 3 cutting speeds with this product, so it is easier to achieve a custom appearance. You can adjust the speeds to meet your needs quite easily. Thanks to this option, you can groom different areas safely.

The LED display will indicate the clipper’s power level, and you can recharge it in a few hours. Typically, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to charge the battery fully. It will then operate for 4 to 6 hours with no problems.

The clipper’s noise-level is very low and makes it ideal for use on sensitive animals and in sensitive areas. Still, remember to be soothing with your pet – grooming should be a fun experience.

The HOLDOG has a delicate design but ensures a firm and strong grip. This will make the grooming process much more comfortable and a lot faster. It is a lightweight item that has a nice and notable balance.

You get a lifetime replacement warranty with this clipper so you can rest assured that the manufacturer has trust in its product.

It should be noted that this clipper is most suited to thinner and finer hair. It might be quite adequate but tricky to use with thicker and matted fur. The blades also get really warm with continuous use. In this case, letting it cool down would be best for your pet’s sake.

If you’ve got a cat, this clipper is highly recommended. Because it doesn’t make a lot of noise, it can be used on cats – if they are willing to be still long enough.

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  • Comfortable to use
  • Offers very good razor speed
  • LED screen indicates battery life
  • Charging doesn’t take ages
  • Comes with a decent warranty


  • Thick hair might prove difficult to cut
  • The blades tend to warm up a lot


Now you know more about what to expect from the better clipper options available on the market. You should look out for versatility, battery life, safety, and ease of use. These factors will determine how effective and convenient the clipper is at the end of the day.

If you are looking for an affordable but effective option, the GTS Dog Clippers are ideal. They are sharp and precise without a stiff price. They may not be suited for very thick fur coats, though.

All in all, the HOLDOG Professional Rechargeable Pet Clipper seems like the best of the bunch. It has a very impressive warranty, and it is very easy and convenient to use. It charges quickly and works very well.

But in the end, the product you end up choosing depends on your needs and your budget. You’ve been given a lot of useful information here, and now you can use it to choose wisely. Just remember that you should keep your pet’s needs in mind at all times.

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