5 Best Dog Leashes for Biking

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Just like humans, dogs require exercise too. Having your furry friend trotting alongside your bike on the road or trail is fun and a great workout for both of you. Choosing an unsuitable dog leash can ruin your workout time and even be dangerous for you, your dog, and those around you. 

Below, we will look at a selection of dog leashes that will help you understand the necessity of this product, as well as choose the one that’s most suitable for you and your pooch. 

Comparison Chart

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NEWURBAN – Dog Bike Leash – Easy Installation Removal – Hand Free Dog Bicycle – Exerciser Leash – for Exercising – Training Jogging – Cycling and Outdoor – Safe with Pets.
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Malabi V2.0 – 180° Rotating Dog Bike Leash – with Shock Absorbers and Quick Attach Mechanism | Carbon Fiber | Detachable, Adjustable for The Smoothest Ride- Patent Pending
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Videosystem Dog Hands Free Leashes,Dog Bike Leash,Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash for Exercising Training Jogging Cycling,Easy Installation,Removal Hand Free, and Outdoor Safe with Pets
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Fanwer Hands Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash
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Unicam Retractable Bicycle Dog Leash, Hands Free Bike Leash for Pet Dogs, Safety Dog Bike Leash Fit for Outdoor Exercise, Dog Walking Essentials, Easy to be Installation and Removal.

Dog Bike Leash Reviews

Newurban – Dog Bike Leash 

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When it comes to safety equipment for your dog, especially leashes, you should ensure that you have an idea of your dog’s size and get a leash that fits properly. The Newurban bike leash is made of high-quality material, which makes it durable and weather resistant. Additionally, the leash has no complex mechanisms, making it easy to attach and off-load your dog in no time. 


For its price, the Newurban dog leash provides excellent value for money. The product offers great features, including a hassle-free detach system, a shock-absorbing design, and rubber inserts to eliminate any damage to your bike. 

The pole is around 15 inches in length which will keep your dog at a safe distance from the bike, and is fixed in place with a stainless steel seat lock. Installation and removal of the metal pole are simple, and Newurban provides all the equipment required, including an Allen wrench and screws. 

Once installed and tightened with the Allen wrench, it is advisable to double-check that it is properly mounted to the support bracket prior to attaching it to your dog. When attached properly, the leash is strong enough to hold medium to large breeds. 

The leash is quite flexible compared to similar products, mainly due to the built-in bungee springs, and can pose a few limitations if you intend to cycle in crowded or narrow areas. However, the flexibility also makes it extremely versatile and can easily be attached to strollers, scooters, and quad bikes. 

While there is some room for improvement in the leash quality department, we think that the Newurban dog leash is a superb choice for beginners on a tight budget. 


  • Extremely durable 
  • Versatile
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Affordable 


  • Leash included is not the safest

Malabi V2.0 – 180° Rotating Dog Bike Leash

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With a lightweight design providing strength and comfort, the Malabi V2.0 Dog Bike Leash has made energizing bike rides with your canine partner a whole lot easier. With a unique rotating design, this leash gives your dog the ability to change sides without jeopardizing either of your safety. 


The Malabi V2.0 – 180° Rotating Dog Bike Leash is made of carbon fiber that is up to 15 times stronger than steel while only weighing a fraction of it. The leash possesses a shock-absorption mechanism designed to handle any jolts from your dog that may cause you to lose balance. 

The combination of the carbon fiber structure and stainless steel clip makes this leash weather-resistant, easy to clean, and rust-proof.

The patent-pending design makes the Malabi V2.0 – 180° Rotating Dog Bike Leash the only one of its kind that offers your dog such freedom of movement. However, it can be a little tricky to get used to at first. The leash can withstand an impressive 500 pounds of pull strength, which makes it suitable for larger-breed dogs as well. 

By using a special release mechanism, the leash can be mounted or removed with a single snap. In addition, the leash can also be adjusted to fit your dog perfectly. At the same time, the spinning rod design ensures comfortable and uninterrupted movement for both the bike and the attached dog. 

The Malabi V2.0 – 180° Rotating Dog Bike Leash comes in a variety of size and color options, which makes it suitable for most sizes of dogs or other pets. It also comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Because of their carbon fiber design, the leash can be used for dogs ranging from 10 pounds to 100 pounds. When purchasing the Malabi V2.0 – 180° Rotating Dog Bike Leash, you also receive an additional rotating clamp for a second bike at no extra cost. 

Overall, what you are getting with the Malabi V2.0 – 180° Rotating Dog Bike Leash is an exclusive product that is made to last and seems like the best choice if you are on a more flexible budget.


  • Simple installation
  • Quick release makes it easy to remove from your bike
  • Provides versatility for the dog to move from one side to the other
  • Made from extremely durable material


  • Requires some practice to get used to 

Videosystem Dog Hands-Free Leashes

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With over 300 five-star reviews and having received the “Amazon’s Choice” tag, the Videosystem Dog Hands-Free Leash has proven itself as a more than worthy option. These leashes are extremely durable and are designed for rear-wheel installation, fitting bikes of various sizes.


If you are searching for a simple, high-quality dog leash, then the Newurban dog leash may be just the right choice for you. The great thing is that it is not just suitable for experienced riders; beginners will also enjoy the benefits of the rear mount system since it reduces the likelihood of your dog running in front of you while you’re both learning to use this leash. 

The Videosystem Dog Hands-Free Leash removes the difficulties associated with mounting since it’s designed to screw into the seat mount rather than the frame. This means that you can easily remove it without any special tools. 

This leash also possesses a shock-absorbing system that will allow you to maintain control through sudden jerking movements with little effect on your dog. The connecting base and handlebar are rubberized and provide excellent grip and protection for your bike’s frame. 

The 15-inch guide pole ensures that your dog is kept at a safe distance from your tires or pedals. In addition, the durable bungee cord allows your pet some freedom but also keeps them out of danger of oncoming people or traffic. 

The Videosystem Dog Hands-Free Leash is suitable for all sizes of dogs, however, it is advisable that smaller dogs be exercised at a slower pace. Medium to larger breeds and extremely energetic dogs will have no problem with the leash due to its flexibility and strength. 

The system uses a replaceable leash which allows you to change the length of your dog’s leash whenever you’d like or replace it once it wears out. These leashes are typically not applicable for bikes with disk brakes or rear suspension because of the rear-mount buddy system. 

Despite there being room for improvement in terms of the bungee cord quality, we see this leash as ideal if you are on a limited budget and are looking for a tried and tested option. 


  • Extremely durable aircraft-strength build
  • Bungee leash makes it secure and safe for dogs
  • Keeps your pet close by and away from traffic
  • Attention to minor details


  • The bungee cord may lose tension or stretch out after a while

Fanwer Hands-Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash

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The Fanwer Hands-Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash is ideal for dogs that weigh between 20 – 24 pounds and is designed to keep your dog safe and secure while exercising. With an extended leash, your dog will love the freedom, and it will also give them enough lead to maintain a suitable pace behind or alongside you.


The Fanwer Hands-Free Bike Leash possesses a unique handle that’s created from environment-friendly silicone and sports an impressive design with an excellent grip. The handle of the Fanwer Hands-Free Bike Leash is 45 cm long, while the breakaway leash that comes with it is 55 cm long. 

The leash is adjustable and extends to up to 78 cm when stretched, while the rod is made from polished stainless steel, which can be installed on any type of bike. The Fanwer Hands-Free Bike Leash is extremely versatile and can be used during walks or while jogging. 

This leash is made from durable nylon webbing with a sturdy metal clip that keeps it safely in place. In addition, it comes with a safety loop that prevents your dog from slipping out of the leash, as well as a padded handle that makes it comfortable for you to hold on to. The entire product is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee. 

The Fanwer Hands-Free Bike Leash comes with an additional safety feature in the form of a quick-release button. This button allows you to quickly free your pet in an emergency such as if they get stuck; however, it should only ever be used as an absolute last option.

What makes the Fanwer Leash stand out is that despite the affordable price, it does not feel as though the manufacturers have had to cut back on the quality and strength of the leash. The only potential downside is that the options are limited as the leash is only available in one color. 

The mount fits under the seat post of your bike and can be assembled in minutes with just a simple clamp and two screws. 

Despite not being as popular as some of the other bike leashes, the Fanwer Hands-Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash screams great value, which is the main reason why we consider it to be a worthy choice!


  • Sturdy construction
  • Very affordable
  • It can fit a range of bikes
  • The pole provides ample space for safe running
  • The handle is integrated into the leash, providing easy control in higher traffic areas


  • Mount can loosen over time and therefore needs to be checked regularly
  • Limited color options

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Unicam Retractable Bicycle Dog Leash

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The final option in this comparison is the Unicam Retractable Bicycle Dog Leash which features a pole made of high-strength stainless steel and a strip of silica gel at the top of the pole designed to protect your bike’s frame. 


The Unicam Retractable Bicycle Dog Leash comes with a reinforced nylon material leash combined with a retraceable elastic rope that can extend up to 30 inches, providing suitable freedom and flexibility for your dog. 

The pole is extremely easy to attach and remove using a clamp fix that can be quickly tightened or loosened with an Allen key that the manufacturer provides. The pole is slightly larger than in other leash systems, measuring 16.5 inches. However, it is compatible with any type of bike. 

The elastic part of the leash is fully detachable which allows your dog to move freely while trotting next to your bike. Even if your dog stops or bolts suddenly, you will have sufficient time to react accordingly before losing your balance or hurting your dog.

The information provided by the manufacturer relating to the maximum weight of dogs that are suitable for the leash is a little conflicting. The information provides three separate maximum weight specifications, which are 25 pounds, 80 pounds, and 120 pounds. This indicates that you may need to consider your dog’s strength and power before making this purchase. 

Apart from the conflicting information from the manufacturer, we think that all the other features of the Unicam Retractable Bicycle Dog Leash make for superb overall value. If you are someone who is on a tight budget, whether you are a beginner or a professional, this is an excellent choice!


  • Affordable
  • Excellent pole quality
  • Easy to install/ remove
  • Allen key provided


  • Confusing product specification information


We did our best to highlight the essential points to consider when selecting a bike leash for your furry friend. Our personal favorite is the Malabi V2.0 – 180° Rotating Dog Bike Leash, given the fact that it offers fantastic durability, strength, and a state-of-the-art design.

However, if you are looking to find a more budget-friendly product, then we would recommend the Fanwer Hands-Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash as a tried and tested alternative that does not restrict you to use only on your bike. Good luck, and we wish you many happy miles with your four-legged companion and new leash.

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