Best Dog Nail Clippers With Light

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If you are one of those pet owners who want to use grooming time as an opportunity to bond, you need a good nail clipper. You need to do an excellent job without hurting your dog, and for that, you need a nail clipper with a lighting feature included.

We will take a look at professional dog grooming tools, which are dog nail clippers with a light included, as one of their traits. 

With so many to choose from, we tried to find only the best and most popular for you to look at and save you time.

Comparison Chart

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Allstar Innovations PetiCare LED Light Pet Nail Clipper- Great for Trimming Cats & Dogs Nails & Claws, 5X Magnification That Doubles as a Nail Trapper, Quick-Clip, Steal Blades
Hesiry Cat Nail Clippers & Dog Claw Trimmer with Anti-overclipping LED Light & Grooming Kit with Safety Guard, Can be Used without Good Eyesight
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CLAWESY – LED Dog Nail Clipper, Dog Clippers, Professional Dog Clippers, Cat Nail Clippers, Cat Nail Clippers with Safety Guard, Dog Nail Polish, Nail Trimmer with Light, 1 Nail File (Blue)
51X06OL3nRL. SL500
Helishy Illuminated Pet Nail Clipper, 5X Magnification Pet Nail Scissor Safe with LED Light, Pet Grooming Nail Care Tool Great for Dogs Cats
31L25mvmiJL. SL500
OHHLION Dog & Cat Nail Clippers and Trimmers ,with LED Lights and Safety Guards, Avoid Over-Cutting, Pet Nail Clippers Suitable for All Large, Small Medium and Large Dogs and Cats

Best Nail Dog Nail Clippers With Light Reviews

The PetiCare LED Light Pet Nail Clipper From Allstar Innovations

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With many features included to increase the safety level of the clipper, you will be able to get the job done without hurting your pet. The high-quality construction of these clippers makes the higher price you pay worth the investment to make it value for your money.


With this very safe pet nail clipper, you will not hurt your dog by accidentally cutting the quick of the nail. That is because there are four LEDs included with it, so you can easily see what you are doing.

To further improve the safety factor of these nail clippers from AllStar Innovations, you also have a magnifying glass included. This means while the LEDs illuminate the nail, the magnifying glass will make it easier to see the blood vessel located at the back.

What is also great is that you get the batteries needed to provide power to the LEDs included in the packet. So, this will save you money and time so you can get started with your nail grooming job right away.

All cutting instructions are included in the packet, so you can quickly start grooming your pet’s nails with a low learning curve. While it is made of hardened steel, the nail clipper will be durable enough to last for many hours of happy grooming.

The overall design of these pet nail clippers makes them relatively easy to be used with different types of pets, such as cats and dogs. It also comes with an excellent, firm grip included making it easy to cut through the nails in a quick and easy cutting action.

Even though it is pretty strong, durable, and easy to use, you may need some time to get used to these nail clippers. If you aren’t adequately trained in using them, they may cause the pet nails to split and make them difficult to trim.


  • It includes a lot of LEDs for increased safety
  • It can be used for different types of pets
  • This clipper comes with a strong and durable grip
  • It is safe to use for nail grooming


  • It might be a bit difficult to use for grooming
  • The cutter may cause nail splitting if one is not careful

The Hesiry Cat And Dog Nail Clipper

If you are looking for a safe pet nail grooming tool, this clipper is made to help improve the safety factor. It also comes loaded with many great features to make the grooming of pet nails quite an easy job for you and your pet.


These clippers are pretty safe for those pet owners who do not have a very steady hand when it comes to grooming. It comes with LEDs so you can easily see what you are doing to keep your pet safe from accidental hurt.

With the deep parts of your pet nails that are full of blood vessels, you need to have a nail clipper with protection included. This is precisely what you get from the nail clipper provided by Hesiry, as there is a safety guard attached to it.

A nail polisher is included with this nail clipper to make it easy to file away the sharp points you leave with the clipper. This will save you time and effort while you can complete the grooming session with only one tool at your disposal.

The lightweight design makes it easy to use these clippers for a long time without your hand becoming tired at some point. This is great if you want to do all the nails of your pet in one single session to save time.

This feature will also help to keep your pet calm if you do not take too long to trim your cat or dog’s nails. The overall design also makes this nail clipper the ideal tool to use with larger breeds with large thick nails that need trimming.

But, you may not be able to use these clippers safely if you’re not careful as it does not have a non-slip grip. If your hands start to sweat or get wet, you may hurt your dog when the grip becomes too slippery.

It is also a bit bulky, and it may be a bit awkward when you use these clippers with smaller nails.


  • They are very safe to use for nail trimming
  • The necessary batteries for LEDs are included
  • They are ideal for large nails
  • One can use them for different types of pets


  • It does not have a non-slip grip
  • These nail clippers are too bulky for smaller pets

The ClawEsy Dog Nail Clippers

41n5kwVpawS. SL500

When it comes to professional design and construction, these pet nail clippers come with just what you need in a good quality tool. The low price tag does not mean it is low quality, as you just get more than what you pay for in the ClawEsy nail clipper.


An excellent safety guard is included with these pet nail clippers from ClawEsy to prevent accidental cuts of the quick of the nail. This means you will not cut the nail too short and cause harm to your pet, making you both happy.

This clipper for trimming pet nails is recommended by many professional groomers and vets out there because of the good heavyweight quality. That is because it is made with high-quality materials to last longer and to get the job done much easier.

It is designed to make a quick and easy cut through the nail without causing the nail to split and create damage. It will also be much easier to file away the sharp points left by the clipper with a smooth cut through the nail.

To make your experience even easier, a file is included with the clipper, which can be found inserted in the handle of the nail clipper. So, you do not need to go out and spend money on finding a suitable nail file for your pet nail grooming.

An ergonomically designed handle will make it easy to use the clipper for a long time without interruption and your hand becoming tired. This is further enhanced with the non-slip grip installed on the handle to increase the safety factor of your pet nail clipper.

Unfortunately, you only have one LED installed in this nail clipper, making it a bit difficult to use in low-light conditions. This item does not include any storage box or bag to keep your nail clipper safe when it is not in use or while traveling.


  • It comes with an affordable price tag 
  • It is equipped with an easy non-slip grip
  • A nail file is included in the handle
  • Only top-quality steel is used for the construction of this clipper


  • Just one LED is included in this nail clipper
  • No storage bag is included with the clipper

The Helisy Illuminated Pet Nail Clipper

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This pet nail clipper provided by Helisy is designed to make your pet feel safe while you are grooming their nails. It is also made with a high comfort rate for the pet owner to make the grooming session more accessible and more fun.


With the design of these pet nail clippers, you will be able to use them for many different pets, even for your birds. So, if you are a bird lover and need those sharp claws trimmed, you can easily use these nail clippers for that.

The blade is designed in such a manner that you can easily cut through the nail with a quick and smooth cutting action. This means it will not split the nails or leave too many sharp edges that need to be filed away for their convenience.

It is also made from strong and hardened steel to make the grooming of your pet nails much easier and quicker. This means you can do a precision job of the nail trimming without too much effort from your side, keeping your pet happy.

A trapper is included so you can easily trim the nails without any interruption from the dog that might cause them to get hurt. Also installed is a cap close to the cutter that will help catch the nail clippings, which will prevent you from making a mess.

The magnifier will increase the size of the nails up to five times so you can see the blood vessels in the nails much more quickly. This will help to prevent cutting the quick of the nail, which can cause your pet to be hurt and make you unhappy.

Overall, the action of this pet nail clipper feels a bit flimsy, which will make you think that they are cheaply-made and will not last. It will also take you some time to learn how to operate this nail clipper properly to do a good grooming job.


  • The clippers can be used for most types of pets
  • The clippers feature a strong and sharp blade for easy nail cutting
  • The clippers are suitable for light and dark nails
  • There are different color designs to choose from


  • The actions of this clipper feel a bit flimsy
  • The clippers are more advanced and perhaps not suited to beginners

The OhhLion Cat And Dog Nail Clipper And Trimmer

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Good quality and durability are what you get from these pet nail clippers that the manufacturer, OhhLion, supplies. They are made to be safe to use with all pets and to keep you and your pet happy while the grooming is done.


An easy clipper locking mechanism is included in the handles so you can lock them together when it is not in use. This means the clipper is still safe even if small children get hold of it without you knowing about it.

The stainless steel blades are pretty sharp to make a quick and easy cut through the nails for a smooth cutting action. It will also stay sharp for much longer to make the pet nail clipper from OhhLion last much longer.

This also lets you make a quick, clear cut without fraying the nails too much, which can get stuck on carpets and furniture. The strong nail file that is included in the set will help make the trimming of your pet nails an easy job.

A safety flap is included to prevent you from over clipping and cutting the nails too short or to prevent you from cutting the quick. It will also prevent the nail clippings from flying around all over the place and causing you to make a mess.

You have double LEDs included with these pet nail clippers to make it much easier to see what you are doing. This means you can use these nail clippers even in very low-light conditions, so you do not hurt your pet.

You will not be able to see the quick on darker nails, so it will not be that safe to use the clipper with that. The guard installed on these clippers is also a bit in the way which can make it difficult to see where you go.


  • The clippers are suitable for all types and sizes of pets
  • The clippers feature a lightweight and durable construction
  • A strong file is included in the set
  • The set comes equipped with double LEDs


  • LEDs are not strong enough for dark nails
  • The guard sometimes gets in the way, making it difficult to see


In this lineup of best pet nail clippers with lights, the number one will be the Peticare from Allstar Innovations, with many great features. The second place is the one from Hesiry; it has a nice polisher included and quite an affordable price tag so is a worthy option.

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