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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to do your dog’s nails at home without taking them to a professional groomer? Will it work out better for you and your pet if you take the time and groom their nails yourself?

It may, in the long run, work out better financially for you if you do the nail grooming at home. On top of that, you will spend some bonding time with your dog, and your dog will learn to trust you more.

Let us have a look at the tools that are necessary for grooming your dog’s nails so that you can get to keeping your pet’s paws in perfect condition without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Best Dog Nail Clipper Reviews

Comparison Chart

BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer – With Safety Guard to Avoid Over-cutting Nails & Free Nail File – Razor Sharp Blades – Sturdy Non Slip Handles – For Safe, Professional At Home Grooming
41f81OlXwYL. SL500
gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers – with Safety Guard to Avoid Over Cutting, Free Nail File, Razor Sharp Blade – Professional Grooming Tool for Pets
41X4wFC uLL. SL500
Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper Large
315wmBUsQSL. SL500
Fur Goodness Sake Dog Nail Clippers Large Breed – Easy to Use Dog Nail Trimmer and Toenail Clippers – Quick Sensor, Sharp Cuts and Safety Guard to Clip with Confidence – Pet Nail Clipper and File
Millers Forge Dog Nail Clip, Large

Boshel Dog Nail Clippers

This nail clipper for dogs is of high-quality and is built with durability to last for a long time. You get an innovative design with lots of extra features included. This nail clipper is excellent for most dog sizes.

Product Highlights

With these nail clippers for dogs, you get a nail file included that is smartly inserted in the handle of the clippers. This will improve the grooming of the dog’s nails and will make the job easier for you.

This dog nail clipper is well designed and is ergonomically shaped so you can easily grip the clipper in your hand. The non-slip grip that is included with this nail clipper will also help keep your dog from getting hurt.

With a sharp and sturdy blade, it is easy to use these clippers for trimming the dog’s nails. This will help you make quick, easy, and clean cuts without hurting the dog while you are trimming its nails.

The safety guard that is installed will help to prevent you from cutting too long a piece off from the nail. If it is used correctly, you can do all the nails without going too deep into the nail and clipping the quick.

Unfortunately, this nail clipper is not ideal to use for the trimming of the nails of very small dogs or breeds. There is another problem that may cause some harm, and that is the safety guard may sometimes fall out of position.

The Good

The user-friendly design of this nail clipper for dogs makes it very easy to use and will keep your hand from tiring. These nail trimmers from BOSHEL are recommended by many professional groomers and many other experts.

The Bad

Every time the safety guard falls off from its position, you have to put it back in place. This can turn out to be quite irritating, and you may lose focus and hurt the dog.


  • Nail file included in the handle
  • Non-slip grip for safe clipping
  • Easy to use for all users
  • Safety guard installed


  • Not suitable for small dogs
  • Guard not always responsive

gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers

41f81OlXwYL. SL500

Safe and easy to use is how you can describe this dog and cat nail clipper from Gonicc. It is well designed and manufactured from strong materials to make it very sturdy. Thus, it offers great value for your money.

Product Highlights

With the Gonicc cat and dog nail clipper, you get a high-quality nail file included that is stored in the handle. This will make your job of nail grooming much easier, and you can easily do the finishing touches on the nails.

The safety guard will help prevent over-clipping your pet’s nails and will keep you from clipping into the quick. Your cat or dog will be much safer with this clip guard included if it is used correctly.

The smartly designed grip of this pet nail clipper will help keep your hand from becoming tired quickly. The non-slip grip will help keep your hand from slipping and, in the process, will keep your pet safe from harm.

There is an unlock protection feature installed in these pet nail clippers to prevent small children from using the clippers. It is a great feature for protection against harm to your children, as well as your pets and other expensive things.

Due to the fact that some of the parts of this pet nail clipper are of lesser quality, it may fail at times. It is also not suitable to be used on small breeds of dogs and other small pet animals, including puppies.

The Good

With the Gonicc nail clipper for dogs, you have a smartly designed tool for grooming your pet’s nails. It is quite a safe tool in the sense that there is built-in protection for you and your pets.

The Bad

If it happens that the said parts that are not of great quality fail, it may prevent you from finishing the job. This will cost you money in the end if you have to take your pet to the professionals to finish the job.


  • Nail file included
  • Safety guard installed
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use
  • Unlock protection so no accidents happen


  • Not ideal for small dogs
  • Some parts are lesser quality

Epica Large Professional Pet Nail Clipper

41X4wFC uLL. SL500

In the Epica, you get professional style, high-quality durable blades, and an overall good quality nail clipper. You get good value for your money, and it is a great investment in the grooming of your pet’s nails.

Product Highlights

You get a strong and well-designed pet nail clipper that will last a long time and give you many years of service. With this nail clipper, you will get the job of grooming the nails done with lots of time to spare.

With a safety guard installed behind the blades, it will prevent you from clipping off too far into the nail. It will help to protect your pet from harm by preventing damage to the quick of the nail.

The high-quality blades will stay sharp for a long time to help you do a quick and clean cut of your pet’s nails. It will also prevent the fraying of the nails and the need to do lots of filing on the nails.

As always, the sturdiness of the tool will help to get the work done much more efficiently than with a lesser quality product. The non-slip grip will support the efficiency of the work done with a strong and steady grip on the nail clipper.

This is a large and strong nail clipper and is not suitable for use on smaller breed dogs and small pets. There is a smaller version of it available from the supplier that will be suitable for the smaller animals.

The Good

To back their claim of a high-quality and strongly made pet nail clipper, you get a 100% lifetime warranty. The high-quality blades will help prevent you from struggling to get your dog’s nails clipped, and they will help you not hurt your dog.

The Bad

One not so good thing about this nail clipper is that it does not have a nail file included. Even if the blades are sharp and leave no fray, it is still necessary to do some finishing touches on the nails.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Safety guard is installed
  • High-quality blades for long life
  • Non-slip grip for optimal use


  • Not suitable for small dogs
  • No nail file included

Fur Goodness Sake Dog Nail Clippers

315wmBUsQSL. SL500

With this clipper for pet nails, you get a large, strong grooming tool that will get the job done in no time. It also has a lot of extra features, some of which are safety features for you and your pet.

Product Highlights

With this feature-rich nail clipper for dogs, you have a safety guard installed to prevent over-clipping of your dog’s nails. This will help you to not clip off too much from the nail. You don’t want to hurt your dog, and this feature helps with that.

These clippers are designed with longevity in mind and are made from high-quality materials to give you a long service life. It is strong, sturdily made, and will help you make quick and clean cuts when clipping your pet’s nails.

It is very ergonomically designed and fits easily and comfortably in your hand for easy and effective clipping and a non-tiring effect. The handle has a non-slip grip included that will prevent your hand from slipping and hurting your dog.

For the finishing touches to the nails of your dog, a handy nail file is included with this pet nail clipper. It is smartly stored in a cavity in the handle of your clipper, so it is always on hand.

Alas, though you get a strong and sturdy pet nail clipper, it is not suitable to be used on those very small breeds. The blades get blunt quite quickly and may cause fraying of the nails. Luckily, a nail file is included to remove that.

The Good

You can take the nails clipper with you wherever you and your pet go, and you get to carry a nail file with it. This cleverly designed pet nail clipper makes grooming very easy for you and your pets, with lots of extra features included.

The Bad

It may be not a big problem, but the fact that the blades dull quickly means you will always have extra filing work. Unfortunately, it is not available in a smaller size, so you can never use it for smaller dog breeds.

51jIPgURQJS. SL500


  • Non-slip handle grip
  • Safety guard included
  • Nail file included for extra care
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Not for small pets
  • Blade get dull easily

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clip

With these pet nail clippers, you get a professional tool that is used by many professionals in the dog grooming trade. It is of high quality and comes at a very low price point, and that gives it great value for your money.

Product Highlights

This nail clipper can be easily used for the grooming of very large dogs and for clipping thick nails very quickly. It is perfect for dogs who do not like their paws to be handled, as it will be over before they notice anything.

These clippers are strong and sturdy and will outlast even your four-legged friends in living years. The strong grip will help get the nail clipping over quickly without your hand becoming tired.

The stainless-steel cutting blades will stay sharp and will stay parallel and close together for a quick and clean cut. This nice and easy grooming tool will prevent the nails from having sharp edges and becoming frayed.

There is an unlock protection feature included with these pet nail clippers to make it quite safe to use at home. This safety feature will prevent a small child from using it and hurting themself or damaging other things.

These nail clippers are strong and heavy-duty. Unfortunately, they can not be used for the clipping and grooming of small animals. There is also no safety guard included with these clippers, so there is nothing stopping you from over-cutting your dog’s nails.

The Good

You get a strong and professional dog nail clipper that is made from high-quality materials when you get these clippers. It will last for a very long time, and the cutting edges of the blades will stay sharp for a very long time.

The Bad

It may be a very sturdy and strong nail cutter, but it is not great for use on small animals. These nail clippers are meant for professional groomers and experts, and amateur groomers may struggle a bit with these.


  • Very effective for larger dogs
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Stainless-steel cutting blades
  • Unlock protection included


  • Not for use on small dogs
  • Does not have a safety guard included


Even a simple thing like a nail clipper for pets has features available that will make your life easier. Plus, it is not just your life but also that of your dog that will be made easier when it comes to the clipping of your pet’s nails.

You can not just go ahead and buy a clipper to groom your dog’s nails and get it over with. You need to know what to look for in a pet nail clipper and what it can do for you and your pets.

This buyer’s guide will help to inform you on what to look for in a pet nail clipper that will suit you.

Different Sizes of Dog Nail Clippers

The largest clippers are in the range of 7 to 8 inches long, and these large nail clippers are suitable for large dogs. It will not be practical to use these large and strong nail clippers for grooming the nails of very small dogs.

Smaller nail clippers in the range of 6 inches are suitable for the clipping of medium to large dog’s nails. A smaller size than the 6-inch clippers will be more suitable for small breeds of dogs.

Materials Used in Making Dog Nail Clippers

Most pet nail clippers are made from steel, and the blades are made from stainless steel to stay sharp for longer. Some of the better quality pet nail clippers are made completely out of stainless steel to prevent rust and other degradation.

The grip of the clippers is generally made from good quality rubber or synthetic plastic materials for a long-lasting effect. They are made in such a way to prevent your hand from slipping while working with the nail clippers.

Types of Designs for Dog Nail Clippers

They are mostly designed to fit snugly in your hand for an easy and convenient grip on the pet nail clipper. Some of the heavy-duty ones are of similar design as other hand tools, like pliers and diagonal cutters.

This type of design allows for your hand to conveniently hold onto the nail clipper without becoming tired too quickly. It is necessary for your dog that you can keep on working on its nails without slipping or getting tired.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism on the pet nail clipper is necessary to prevent someone from using the clipper when the lock is activated. This is a safety measure that is put in place to prevent small children from hurting themself if they get a hold of it.

It is also better to have this feature on a pet nail clipper to prevent small children from hurting the dog. Other things, like electronics and other expensive gear, can get damaged through unauthorized use of these pet nail clippers.


When you consider buying one of these pet nail clippers, keep in mind that price is a factor regarding quality. The better types of clippers are made from higher quality materials, and that makes them more expensive than those of lesser quality.

The best thing to do is to go in the middle if you do not want to spend too much money. You can get quite good quality pet nail clippers at a lower price point than the more expensive ones.


Q: How Often Should You Trim a Dog’s Nails?

Depending on your dog’s breed and size, you need to trim your dog’s nails every other month or monthly. It is necessary to regularly trim the nails so the quick can recede, especially if the nails grow back quickly.

When you hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor when walking, it is time for them to be clipped.

Q: What Kind of Nail Clippers to Use on a Dog?

You need to use a nail clipper that is designed for dogs when you want to clip your dog’s nails. Because of the shape of a dog’s nails, those clippers will work better for dog nails.

In the case of very small dogs that have soft nails, you may use any type of nail clipper to trim their nails.

Q: How Often Should You Replace Dog Nail Clippers?

This is very dependent on the quality of the pet nail clippers you purchase for grooming your dog’s nails. If it is a very cheap pair of dog nail clippers, you should replace it every few months when it gets dull.

A more expensive pair of nail clippers will be of better quality and will take much longer to become dull. When you find it difficult to cleanly clip off the nails and it leaves a frayed nail, it is time to replace them.

Q: Can Left-Handed People Use Dog Nail Clippers?

Most pet nail clippers that are made in the style of pliers can be used by right-handed people, as well as left-handed people. Those that are designed in the guillotine style may be difficult to use by left-handed people, though

However, left-handed people may use all types of nail clippers for dogs if they learn how to use them properly.

Q: Can You Clip Dog Nails With Human Clippers?

It is possible to clip a dog’s nails with a nail clipper that is designed for humans. The problem is that you will have to clip the nails slowly and in millimeters until you get it to the desired length.

You may also clip the dogs’ nails unevenly, and that may lead to discomfort for the dog.

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We have an obvious winner in the BOSHEL dog nail clipper. This is because of the durability of this nail clipper and the safety guard that is installed on the clipper. There are also extra features to this clipper that will make your life and that of your dog much easier.

An alternative to the BOSHEL will be the Gonicc pet nail clipper that can be used for dogs and cats. It is also available at a slightly lower price point but includes more features, such as the added nail file.

You now have enough information to choose the best clippers for your dog. You can now give it the cut it deserves and needs.

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