Best Dog Nail Grinder With LED Light

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When it is time to trim the nails of your four-legged friend, it is not always the easiest thing to do. That is especially the case with dogs who despise the nail clipper.

This is where a good nail grinder for dogs will come in handy to keep those nails short and neat for the best grooming options. We will take a look at some of the most popular and best nail grinders for dogs and what they have to offer.

So, keep reading and find out more about these dog nail grinders and how they may help you and your dog.

Comparison Chart

41DedCAS 0L. SL500
Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light, Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder for Large Dogs, Medium & Small Dogs, Professional Pet Nail Grinder for Dogs Quiet Soft Puppy Grooming, Cat Nail Grinder, Dog Nail Trimmer
41DedCAS 0L. SL500
Dog Nail Grinder with LED Light, Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder for Large Dogs, Medium & Small Dogs, Professional Pet Nail Grinder for Dogs Quiet Soft Puppy Grooming, Cat Nail Grinder, Dog Nail Trimmer
41+mr+UnoXL. SL500
Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder with 2 LED Light – New Version 2-Speed Powerful Electric Pet Nail Trimmer Professional Quiet Painless Paws Grooming & Smoothing for Small Medium Large Dogs and Cats (Blue)
JBONEST Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded- Professional LED Lighting Stepless Speed Rechargeable Pet Nail Trimmer with Clipper,Quite Low Noise,20h Long Working Time for Large Medium Small Dogs Cats Pets
41MqKzY5 eL. SL500
Rexipets Dog Nail Grinder Clipper – Professional LED Rechargeable Electric Pet Nail Trimmer – Painless Paws Grooming & Smoothing – Quiet 2-Speed Motor – 3 Size Ports For Small Medium Large Dogs & Cats

Best Dog Nail Grinder With LED Light Reviews

The Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder From Primens 

41DedCAS 0L. SL500

With many great features included with this nail grinder for dogs from Primens, your dog grooming time will be far more fun. If you are looking for good value for your money, this dog nail grinder is a good investment for your hard-earned money.


This pet nail grinder is made from top-quality plastic materials to make it very durable and last long. The materials used in manufacturing the grinder have a smooth surface to make it pleasant to hold while you are using it.

A strong LED light is included to help ensure that you do not hurt the blood vessel located in the back of the nail. That means you will not hurt your dog by accidentally grinding the nail too short, and your dog will be safe.

It also works with low noise, so your dog will not be scared with the whining noises usually emanating from the motor. There is also very low vibration, so the lack of this type of noise and movement will keep your pet calm.

There will not be a mess while grinding your pet’s nails with the nail clipping and powder collection cap included. This means you can groom your dog’s nails anywhere, even on the couch, without worrying about making a mess.

It will be easy to charge the battery of the grinder with the USB charging connector, which will take only three hours to fully charge. The battery will last for up to 11 hours on a full charge to save you time.

Unfortunately, this pet nail grinder might be a bit too weak to be used with the thick, larger nails of very large dog breeds. Even though it comes with a two-speed setting option, it may still be too weak for larger nails.

It also does not include a protective case to keep your pet nail grinder safe when it is not in use.


  • Can be used with different sizes of dogs
  • Easy to keep the grinder head clean
  • Very low operating noise at lower speed setting
  • Made with a strong and durable construction


  • Not ideal for use on very large dog breeds
  • There is no protective case included for safekeeping

The Two LED Dog Nail Grinder From Casfuy

41+mr+UnoXL. SL500

This very easy-to-use and easy-to-charge nail grinder will be a good option for grooming any place you want. This nicely designed nail grinder will provide you and your dog painless grooming sessions for a much better bonding opportunity and more fun.


The very powerful motor included with this pet nail grinder will make it easier to use on larger and thicker nails. This means you will be able to groom the nails of even very large dog breeds with ease and without too much effort.

It comes equipped with two powerful LED lights to make it easier to see what you are doing, preventing an accidental grinding of the quick.

For stress-free dog grooming in the comfort of your home, this grinder is ideal as it has a very low noise operating option. The grinder operates at less than 40 DB and has very little vibration in the motor to keep your dog calm while using it.

It is pretty easy to use with very clear indications of all the functions and the quick and easy flick of a switch. It is also made with a nice ergonomic design to help prevent the fatigue of your hand.

The very convenient USB charging option makes it easy to charge the nail grinder on the go. This also means that the grinder can work without a cord and the need for an electric wall outlet, which will increase the mobility factor.

Even though it is very easy to charge this pet nail grinder from Casfuy, a full charge will only last for a mere two hours, and it takes three hours to charge fully.

You will also make a mess while using it as there is no protective cap to catch all the clippings.


  • Can be used for larger breed dogs
  • It has a nice ergonomic design
  • Very easy USB charging option of the battery
  • A strong motor for higher speed grinding


  • It comes with a low battery capacity
  • No grinder cap included to prevent a mess

The Upgraded Professional Dog Nail Grinder From JBonest


The upgraded version of the Jbonest pet nail grinder comes with even more great features attached to it for a better grooming session. It is also very well designed to make the pet grooming session fun, and a happy dog makes a happy pet owner. 


With up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, you will be able to groom many dog nails. This is an absolutely fabulous feature as it has a charging time of just three hours, so you get a lot of working hours out of it.

The double LED lights included makes it a safe tool to use for grooming all of your pet’s nails without the danger of hurting them. You have a clear view thanks to the strong LEDs to show you where the quick of the nails are.

An upgraded motor with minimal vibration while running provides you with a much quieter operating noise. This will prevent your pet from becoming scared, and they will stay calm all the time you are grooming their nails.

The diamond bits included with the grinding stone give a more precise nail grooming option for your dog. It will also be far more effective for smaller and even large dog nails to properly trim them to the correct length.

You also have a lot of extras included to make this a complete pet grooming set. It comes with a nice, affordable price tag attached, making it possible for more pet owners out there to use this set.

However, you do not get a carry bag included with the set to keep it all safe and secure in one place. This means you need to buy one at extra cost, which will add to the overall price factor.

Also, no replacement grinder head is included with this complete grooming set.


  • Comes with a very long battery life
  • A truly mobile pet nail grinder
  • Quick and easy USB charging option
  • Nice and durable design for a better display


  • No extra replacement grinder head is included with the set
  • There is no bag included to keep it all together and safe

The Dog Nail Grinder From Rexipets

41MqKzY5 eL. SL500

It comes with a sturdy design to make it last for a very long time, so you can have many hours of pet grooming. This is made for pet owners who have a lot of nails to groom and will also work well for pet grooming parlors.


It comes equipped with up to three ports in the grinder head cap to make it easy to use with a wide range of sizes. So you can easily use this nail grinder to groom your smaller and even larger dogs.

The LED located in the grinder head easily shines on the area where you are busy working. This will allow you to clearly see what you are doing and prevent you from accidentally hurting your dog.

This dog nail grinder from Rexipets comes with a two-speed setting, so you can easily use it for larger dogs. It can also be used for other small animals such as cats to make the grinder a versatile pet grooming tool.

It is also relatively easy to charge the battery of this nail grinder with the easy USB charging option included. The charging will take you just over two hours, and you have up to four hours of nail grooming with a fully charged battery.

A low noise operation level of about 50 DB will help keep your pets calm while you are busy grooming their nails. The gentle vibration will also not scare your pets and make them want to run away.

Even though it operates at quite a low noise level, the 50 DB might be a bit loud for overly nervous dogs. You may also need to be careful when using it for a long time because it tends to get a bit warm after prolonged use.


  • Many extras included to improve the grooming experience
  • Very strong and durable construction
  • Comes with an easy non-slip grip
  • No cord needed to operate


  • Might get a bit warm if used for too long
  • This dog nail grinder is a bit noisy

The Professional Dog Nail Grinder From LuckyTail

41s0F0AJj0L. SL500

This dog nail grinder from LuckyTail comes with everything that you will need to get the grooming job done in no time. You will be delighted with all the included features, making it easier for you and your dog.


With the ergonomic design of this dog nail grinder, you will be able to keep on grooming for quite some time without getting tired. This means you can do all your dog’s nails in one session without interruption to save you a lot of time.

The strong and durable construction of the grinder will further increase the overall durability to last much longer. So, with this grinder, you will have many hours of happy grooming to share with your dog and other pets.

Adding to that, you also have up to four hours of grooming time on a full charge. To save you even more time, you can fully charge the battery in as little as one hour, making it a truly portable device.

When it comes to cleaning the grinder head after use, this will be an easy job with the easily removable grinder head. With a quick-release mechanism, the stone will be removed from the device for quick and easy rinsing under running water.

For grooming different sizes of dogs, you have a head cap with different size ports for small and medium-size dog nails. You also have a potent motor to make an easy job of the nail grinding and get it trimmed in a few minutes.

Unfortunately, the grinder head tip of this device is quite fine and might not be able to trim the thick nails of larger dogs. You will also have to clean away the nail dust quite often, which will waste your time.

It is also not designed to be compatible with other brands, so you can not interchange grinder heads on it.


  • Cleaning cloth included for quick, easy cleaning
  • Quick charging time for the battery
  • A nice storage box to keep everything together and safe
  • Strong LED lights to see everything


  • Not made for interchangeable grinding heads
  • The grinding head is a bit too fine for very large nails


As you can see, having a dog nail grinder with an LED light will allow you to safely and easily trim your pup’s nails without the issue of not being able to see properly. The overall winner with many great features included is the Casfuy dog nail clipper with two LED lights for better safety. A close second is the JBonest set, with a slightly lower price tag and a lot of extras included in the set.

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