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There are a wealth of reasons why a dog owner would want to purchase a hands-free dog leash. It makes it easy to continue daily life while still giving a dog the exercise they need on a daily basis. Furthermore, it also allows the dog owner to have natural movement for outdoor activities like running.

That is precisely where hands-free dog leashes come into play. There are a lot of great options available to dog owners in this type of dog leash, and so below, we will be doing an in-depth look at some of the best hands free dog leash options in the hopes to help with any decision making processes going on out there.

Comparison Chart

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iYoShop Hands Free Dog Leash with Zipper Pouch
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Lanney Hands Free Dog Leash for Running Walking Jogging
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Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash
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oneisall Hands Free Dog Leash,Multifunctional Dog Training Leads
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Pet Dreamland Hands-Free Leash

Hands-Free Dog Leash Reviews

iYoShop Hands-Free Dog Leash

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The first hands-free dog leash on the list is designed for many uses. Everything from simple walks with the pup all the way to long trail runs, this leash is a great fit. Crafted with comfort in mind and versatility, this is an excellent option for those with medium to large-sized dogs.


The leash is available in a multitude of different colors and is crafted utilizing high-quality nylon material. Finished with a removable zipper pouch, the leash is perfect for walking, hiking, jogging, and many other activities. It offers storage for personal items as well as tools needed for a walk.

This leash has a unique design that allows one to be utterly hands-free while affording users storage for all their personal items. That alone is enough to make this a significant investment, but when one looks at the actual components of the leash, one will soon find that it has a wealth of other benefits that they can take advantage of.

Among these benefits is that the leash is designed with two shock absorbers to help with comfort and control ability. That, coupled with the leash’s ability to be attached at either end, gives it versatility and comfort. On top of that, it is fitted with a removable zipper pouch and comes with two extra handles if the dog owner doesn’t want to use the pouch.

However, all of the great benefits don’t mean that there aren’t a few flaws that need to be addressed. The first is that many people who have invested in this leash find that it is too long for their preference. Along with this, when using the handles, people tend to find that they are too far down to be as effective as they could be.


  • Designed with sections that are imbued with double shock absorption
  • A removable zipper pouch is included with the leash
  • Finished with stitching that is reflective for nighttime use
  • The leash is designed to be attached from either end


  • Some have found the lead to be too long
  • Issues with the handle being too far down the leash

LANNEY Hands-Free Leash

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The following hands-free leash is designed for medium to large dogs and comes fitted with a ton of great features, including reflective stitches and dual handles. This makes it a great investment for just about anybody who loves to do engage in outdoor activities.


These leashes are designed using a retractable bungee style material composed of nylon, neoprene, and a touch of metal for the clips. This makes it an anti-tear leash that is perfect for more energetic dogs. It is finished with heavy-duty metal clasps that allow for a 360° rotation.

There are a lot of great features designed into this leash that not only make it durable and perfect for the dog but also for the owner. In this regard, one has to look at the dual padded handles. This is specifically designed for better grip and comfort for the dog owner themselves. Along with that, the waist belt is adjustable so that one can utilize the leash hands-free and get the perfect fit.

That waist pouch that is attached to the adjustable belt is designed for ultimate organization. Unlike many other options, it is designed with internal dividers, making finding what one needs that much easier. All of this is crafted with premium-grade materials, making this hands-free leash a durable option for any dog owner.

That being said, a few issues need to be addressed before any final decisions are made. The first is if the dog owner has multiple dogs, they may find the rings not big enough to attach multiple leashes. Along with this, for slimmer dog owners, the length of the waist belt may be a little bit too long and not completely adjustable to their needs.


  • Crafted with dual padded handles for more comfort and use
  • Finished with an adjustable waist belt for hands-free capability
  • The waist pouch has internal dividers for better organization
  • Design using premium grade materials for enhanced durability


  • Rings are not big enough for multiple dogs
  • There have been issues with the length of the waist belt

Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Leash

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This next leash is a great option for those looking for an expandable bungee-style leash that is durable and perfect for just about any type of medium to large dog. Crafted with all the features necessary to make this a valuable investment, any dog owner would be wise to invest in this leash.


This leash is designed to be adjustable up to five feet and crafted in high-quality nylon. With the ability to choose from multiple different color combinations, you are sure to be able to find the one that fits any dog owner’s needs. Designed with a glide belt clip, the belt leash can move freely from one position to the other while still being comfortable for the dog owner.

When looking for a perfect hands-free leash for a large active dog, the design features incorporated into this hands-free leash are perfect. The leash itself is able to be expanded up to five feet in length to allow the pup a little more length to run. Along with this, with a more active dog, one needs the ability for it to move from place to place, so the designers included a sliding belt clip.

For those dog owners looking to take their pup out for a walk or run after work, the leash is crafted using reflective material for heightened safety. That, coupled with the fact it comes with multiple additional leash handles so that they can transform it from hands-free to hands-on, makes it a versatile option.

Although outfitted with a ton of great features, a few things could be improved upon to make this hands-free leash even better. For instance, although it can be expanded to five feet, many dog owners feel that it is still a little bit short, especially for larger dogs that are highly active. It’s also not a great option for dogs under 30 pounds which takes away some versatility of use.


  • Designed to be expandable up to five feet in length
  • Fitted with a sliding belt clip for a more comfortable fit
  • Hands-free leash comes with two additional leash handles
  • Designed to be perfect for running or nighttime activities due to reflective material


  • Some found that the leash may be too short for larger, more active dogs
  • Not ideal for dogs under 30 pounds

Oneisall Hands-Free Leash

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There are dog owners out there that love to give their pups room to run. This double nylon leash is designed with eight feet of length for just that purpose. Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs, this leash is a good investment for those that like to get a little more active.


This hands-free leash is crafted using premium-grade nylon and extends to a length of eight feet. Finished with adjustable clasps at the ends, the ring has an adjustable length. The high-density nylon creates elasticity and durability and is finished with a mesh velvet handle for soft and comfortable use.

Crafted with a double clip, this hands-free leash is incredibly versatile. Part of the versatility allows dog owners with multiple dogs to utilize one leash via the adjustable clip at the end. The leash also affords the dog owner eight feet of length to permit their pup plenty of room to run.

All of that is designed utilizing high-quality nylon and mesh, which helps elevate the durability and make it a much more comfortable leash. Because of all this, it’s a wonderful investment for just about any dog owner that is working with small to medium dogs.

Though the hands-free leash is crafted using high-quality materials, it lacks some core features to elevate it to new levels. Of these, the two most important are the fact that the leash lacks shock absorption capability and reflective materials. Because of the lack of shock absorption, it is not ideal for a more active dog.


  • Designed with a double clip leash for improved versatility
  • Leash can be adjusted up to eight feet in length
  • Crafted with high-quality nylon and mesh for an extended life
  • Easily used for multiple dogs


  • Leash is not constructed with shock absorption capabilities or reflective material
  • Not ideal for active dogs

Pet Dreamland Hands-Free Leash

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The last hands-free leash on the list is an adjustable and retractable bungee leash style intended for medium to large-sized pets. Designed with multiple access points, it is perfect for anyone who has multiple dogs. 


This hands-free leash is crafted in multiple colors so that the dog owner can choose the one that matches their dog and style. The actual leash is manufactured using high-quality nylon and neoprene, giving it a durable finish.

Many people have multiple dogs in their homes, and walking them can be quite challenging. This leash is designed to basically be three leashes, making it perfect for those homes. Along with this, when it comes to the actual design, it is crafted with extra length so that it affords the pups more movement when they are out on their runs.

This leash is actually perfect for anyone who has an active dog as it is outfitted with a triple-shock absorbing bungee cord, which means it is more comfortable to use and durable. The fact that the waist is adjustable to make it snug so that there is less chance of it coming loose is also a big factor when it comes to comfort.

There are a lot of great aspects to this leash, but even with that, there are a few drawbacks that could cause some to reconsider making this their hands-free leash of choice. Though it is designed for active dogs, it is not designed for rambunctious dogs or those that like to pull. Also, many have found that the weight of the bungee cord actually makes it a little heavy and could weigh the dog down a bit.


  • Design makes this leash three leashes for the ability to walk multiple dogs
  • Crafted with a triple shock absorbing bungee cord for improved durability and comfort
  • Waist adjustment allows for a snug fit for less chance of the leash coming loose
  • Leash is designed with extra length for improved mobility for dogs


  • Leash is not designed for dogs that like to pull or are super rambunctious
  • Some have found the weight of the bungee cord used in construction to be a little too heavy

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Final Thoughts

There are a lot of great benefits to investing in a high-quality hands-free leash for your furry friend. This is especially true for anyone who likes to do tons of outdoor activities with their pup. Going hands-free will allow them to take those phone calls or adjust their music and pick up anything that their dog leaves behind.

Because of the versatility and comfort of use, there is a wide range of options available, and the ones we looked at above are just some of the best hands-free leash options on the market today. All that’s left now is to choose your favorite and get your pup out into the fresh air!

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