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How to Cut a Dogs Hair with Clippers -

How to Cut a Dog’s Hair with Clippers

Grooming and trimming your best pal is a necessity in today’s day and age. Groomers can be expensive and require you to schedule around busy appointments that could conflict with yours. That’s why learning to cut your dog’s hair yourself is a great skill to have, as you can keep your best friend fresh in the summer and looking sleek. So, let’s take a look at how to cut a dog’s hair with clippers.

How to Sharpen Dog Clippers -

How to Sharpen Dog Clippers

Unfortunately, as with all things in life, repeatedly doing something can make that thing awfully dull. This is even more true for the blades of clippers, and when it comes to keeping your loyal companion neat and trimmed. It is crucial to make sure your clippers are clean and sharp before you use them. Otherwise, they can snag and pull on hair, causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. So should you have a dull blade that needs sharpening, here is how to sharpen dog clippers to get you back in action.

How to Groom a Long Haired Dog -

How to Groom a Long Haired Dog

Long-haired dogs require the most amount of work when it comes to grooming. Their long, luscious locks of fur need frequent brushing to prevent the knots and mats that they are prone to. Going too long without grooming will make their hair become dirty and knotted faster than other dog breeds. It is essential to look after your pet’s long hair, more so than with other dogs, thanks to their predisposition to damaging their hair. Here is how you can approach the daunting task of how to groom a long haired dog.

How to Calm a Dog for Grooming -

How to Calm a Dog for Grooming

For the first few times a dog is being groomed, it doesn’t understand what is going on and might fidget and be antsy. This will obviously make grooming difficult. Luckily there are some ways when it comes to how to calm a dog for grooming. Let’s take a look at some of the best options to keep your pup cool, calm, and collected.

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