Furminator Nail Grinder Review

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Are you looking for the ultimate tool to help you keep your pet’s nails in perfect shape? Most owners look for tools that are ergonomic, light, easy to use, and, most importantly, painless and pet-friendly. This grooming accessory will save you the time and money spent on regular trips to your pet’s stylist and will make both you and your pet happy.

With a unique LED light technology, this nail grinder easily shows you the parts you need to trim, guaranteeing your pet’s safety. Here’s some more insight into the Furminator Nail Grinder!

Furminator Nail Grinder Review

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The Nail Grinder is a simple tool to ensure your pet’s nails wellbeing. It lightly and effectively sands down over-grown nails, manages to maintain a healthy nail length, and prevent possible nail-related issues. It has two working speeds and can run for more than 100 hours on 4 AA Alkaline batteries, providing great value for money, and keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Who Is This Product For?

Just like humans, your pet needs frequent maintenance to avoid nail-related problems that can later lead to paw, leg, or hip aches. This product is designed for all pet owners, from dogs to cats. It’s perfect for professionals who care deeply about their pets but don’t necessarily have the time and/or the money to take it to a groomer on a regular basis.

It is easy to use, affordable yet durable, and provided with an allocated guard for maximum safety. Just get your pet used to the grinder’s sound, and you’ll be able to trim those nails in no time! This product should not be used by children due to a choking hazard.

What’s Included?

This state-of-the-art cordless grooming product comes with two sanding speeds, two grinding bands, a built-in LED light, a safety guard, and 4 AA batteries.

Overview of Features

The FURminator nail grinder is a wireless polishing tool, making it extremely easy to trim your pet’s nails, without hurting them, and guaranteeing the user’s safety.

The gentle grooming accessory operates on two different grinding speeds, ensuring the best results for both dogs and cats, with various nail lengths, thicknesses, and stiffnesses. It fits both small dogs and large dogs, of any type of breed.

It contains two different sanding bands, for a softer or harder polishing style, enabling you to shape and adjust the nail with ease and comfort. Those bands sharpen the rough edges that may be a result of previous nail clipping, resulting in a precise and natural shape of nails. The bands can be easily released by loosening their screws and reducing the pressure on them.

Running on 4 AA alkaline batteries, you can use it for more than 100 hours. This makes it a smart buy, saving you countless regular visits to your pet’s groomer, and saves you money on repetitive re-charging.

The built-in LED light shows you quickly and accurately the tips that could use trimming and the parts you should not touch. This technology guarantees your pet’s happiness and comfort, associating the grooming experience with a positive experience.

The FURminator’s nail grinder comes with a customized guard, preventing your pet’s hair from being stuck in the machine, and prolonging the grinder’s endurance and long-lasting operation. It can also be used without the allocated guard, which is a pull-off feature.

The ergonomic design sits in your hand comfortably. The easy-grip handle securing both users’ and pets’ safety and makes it extremely easy to hold and use. This trimmer is made out of antibacterial plastic, protecting your pet and the user from possible infections.

Additionally, it produces a low level of noise, which your pet can be comfortable with.

How To Use It

Track the growth of your pet’s nails as polishing and trimming those in time will ensure a healthy paw. Then, have your pet lying down or hold each paw in your hand, for easier access to the nails from all sides.

Familiarize your pet with the FURminator nail grinder. This process will make the user experience better for your pet and yourself as well. After it gets used to the grinding sound, start working slowly on polishing the nails.

Before grinding each nail, use the built-in LED light to detect the parts that could use sanding, and avoid touching other parts. Grind the nails down in short, decisive pulses, to avoid overheating the nails and creating discomfort.


  • Competitive price
  • Easy to use
  • Unique LED technology to emphasis the dead-ends of nails
  • Safe for pets and light weighted
  • Durable materials, ensuring long-lasting use
  • More than 100 hours of use on 4 AA Alkaline batteries.


  • Guard may affect the trimming effectiveness
  • Noise levels may startle pets who are not experienced with grooming routine.


Dremel Dog Nail Grinder

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If this product doesn’t answer your needs, you may as well check out the Dremel 7350-PT 4-Volt as an alternative. It offers a similar user experience, being a cordless product, running on batteries, with a light, ergonomic design, and contains four different polishing bands.


The FURminator nail grinder is the best solution for the 21st-century pet owner, for an easy and affordable nail grooming routine. It’s a great addition to making sure that your dog or cat stays happy, healthy, and stylish.

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