GoPets Professional Slicker Brush Review

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If you own a dog or cat, you might have noticed how essential pet grooming is. Especially if you are dealing with excessive shedding, it will be necessary to regularly brush your pet’s hair or coat.

To do this kind of task in a professional manner, you need a professional slicker brush. However, finding a perfect brush for your furry friend may not be an easy task.

To assist you in this regard, we have reviewed one of the top-rated slicker brushes available on the market. Let’s take a look.

GoPets Professional Slicker Brush Review

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This GoPets slicker brush is an ideal product that is designed specifically to get the nasty mats and tangles out of your dog’s fur. This particular dog brush helps you remove loose fur in a gentle and quick manner.

Furthermore, it also eliminates tough knots, tangles, trapped dirt, and dander. Your dog will look great after receiving a grooming session with this slicker brush. In addition, it also improves your pet’s behavior and helps to create a stronger bond with the owner.

Who Is This Product For?

When looking at the price, this dog brush is more expensive than other options available on the market. Yet its quality and performance make it an ideal choice for almost every dog or cat owner.

If you can not afford to take your dog to the professional groomer on a regular basis, this is the right product for you. It allows you to do necessary touch-ups between visits to a professional stylist. You can use this brush for grooming all types of dog and cat hair.

What’s Included?

The package includes one GoPets Professional Slicker Brush. Hence, there isn’t much to talk about in this section.

Overview of Features

The GoPets Professional Slicker Brush is a viable choice if you want to remove all the loose hair and mats out of your pet’s coat. This brush is made with durable and comfortable materials, which makes it easy for you to groom your pet.

It gently eliminates tangles, removes loose hair, and smoothly unties knots. This particular brush is suitable for all types of dogs and cats. You can rely on this brush for optimum grooming results.

It works gently on the pet’s hair, keeping the grooming process comfortable for your pet. Therefore, the GoPet Professional Slicker Brush is capable of offering quick results without hurting your pet.

Due to the high bristle density of its bent wires, this slicker brush can penetrate deeply even into longer and thicker coats. Most importantly, it won’t cause any damage to the skin of your pet, as it doesn’t cause any scratches or bruises.

The overall materials used for its construction are strong, comfortable, and durable. The self-retracting feature makes it easy to clean and allows you to store it safely. Even if the brush is full of hair, you can clean it by simply retracting the pins.

By removing the loose hair, you can keep your home free from excessive dog hair. Furthermore, the bent wire bristles won’t harm the skin of your pet. It is designed to groom the undercoat, yet it does not cause any damage to the skin.

This slicker brush is not only comfortable for your pet, but its gel handle also contours to your hands. Due to its non-toxic silicone gel, this brush is comfortable to hold. The self-cleaning button is easy to reach and performs the desired task flawlessly.

However, this slicker brush is slightly more expensive than some other brands available on the market. This may affect your purchase decision.

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How to Use It

Take a look at this quick video to see how to use this slicker brush:


  • Easy and quick way to groom your pet
  • Suitable for all types of pet furs
  • Manufactured with durable and lightweight materials
  • Best grooming brush for beginners
  • Innovative self-cleaning feature


  • More expensive than similar other options


Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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When looking for an affordable slicker brush, the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is a perfect alternative. Apart from its affordable price, it offers a unique self-cleaning feature. Moreover, the handle is more comfortable than most other pet grooming brushes.

Its bristles consist of fine bent wire, which removes dust, loose hair, tangles, or any kind of debris out of the fur. The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush ensures that every grooming session is comfortable and pain-free.


When you need a grooming brush for your dog or cat, the GoPets Professional Slicker Brush is the best option to choose from. It comes with a self-cleaning feature, which makes it easy to clean after every use.

When it comes to the quality of this particular slicker brush, you can rely on its durability and performance. This is true, as the materials used for its production are of industrial grade. If you can afford to buy this professional pet grooming brush, don’t hesitate to get one for your dog or cat.

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