Oneisall Dog Clippers Review

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When you want to groom your dog at home, what you need is a top-quality clipper. Especially if you have a dog with a long and thick coat, only a powerful clipper will do the job. To assist you while finding the best dog clipper, we have compiled a comprehensive review of Oneisall Dog Clipper.

So without any delay, let’s jump into our review section.

Oneisall Dog Clippers Review

The Oneisall Dog Trimmer is a quality product that comes with all the essential features required for pet grooming. It makes grooming a fun activity for you and your pet.

Who is this Product For

This would serve the purpose well for those people who want to do most of their pet’s grooming at home. Moreover, it will create a strong bond between you and your pet.

What’s Included?

The package includes one Oneisall clipper, two scissors, one stainless steel comb, charging dock, power adapter, 4 guide combs, oil and cleaning brush.

Overview of Features

The Oneisall Dog Clippers is a heavy-duty and professional dog grooming clipper. It offers a 5-speed operation to meet all kinds of pet grooming needs. The materials used for the production of this clipper are of industrial grade. This makes it a durable and performance-oriented dog clipper.

The powerful motor offers the required speed, which helps to trim even the thick coat of your dog. It comes with such unique features that are only available with some high-end and expensive clippers.

The battery (2200mA Li-lion) takes less time to charge and continues to serve in a cordless mode for not less than 4 hours. In addition, you can also use it while charging. It adds consistent power to the motor and makes it easy to trim the tough coat.

This dog clipper has a low vibration motor, which minimizes the noise level. Therefore, it will allow you to groom your pet without frightening it. Moreover, it makes the whole grooming process more secure for your pet, as it won’t panic with the vibrations or the loud sound of the clipper.

The provision of an LED screen is a unique and impressive feature. It indicates the speed and battery power. Moreover, it also tells you when its time to clean and oil the blade. By keeping the blades properly lubricated, you can enhance its overall lifespan.

Similarly, when the blade needs to be cleaned, the intelligent mechanism of this clipper will remind you. Therefore, you can term this clipper as a true user-friendly product. This particular pet grooming kit is perfect for grooming all types of pets.

It comes with a wide range of accessories to meet all your pet grooming needs. Furthermore, using this clipper is easy and requires no special skills. With its powerful motor, you can use this clipper for dogs, cats, horses, and other livestock animals.

It also serves as a suitable choice for professional groomers. All these features are at an affordable and reasonable price. The clipper will automatically shut off when it is overloaded with hair. The LED indication will slightly light up before shutting off, giving you the signal that the blade is stuck.

After cleaning and oiling the blade, the clipper is all set to be used again. Nevertheless, you will get less power in cordless mode. The blade width is shorter than other available options, which means it will trim less hair with each move.

How To Get The Most Out Of It

In order to get more benefits out of this clipper, you need to read the user manual. Before starting the grooming process, make sure to clean the hair of your pet. Keep the blade clean and lubricated and it will improve the efficiency of this clipper.

Don’t try to use the clipper on long hair right away, as you need to cut it first with the scissors. Use the stainless steel comb while trimming the hair to keep it straight and aligned.


  • Powerful battery for extended use
  • Low vibration and ultra-quiet motor
  • Additional charging base
  • Offers five speeds to meet your pet grooming needs
  • Easy to grip and lightweight design
  • Comes with all essential accessories


  • Slightly expensive than similar clippers
  • Shorter blade trims less hair


When looking for the best dog clippers, this clipper review will help you to get an idea as to what a quality product looks like. The Oneisall Dog Clipper is a quality product built for trimming even the toughest hair. With its LED and intelligent safety features, you can rely on this product for all types of pet grooming tasks.

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